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Les Lucky has been described as "a singer-songwriter who jams."

He's an American Roots singer/songwriter, engaging performer and multi-instrumentalist who writes powerful songs, sings with a broad range of emotion and fluidly jams on both keyboards & guitar. Heavily influenced by Rock, Blues and Pop, his songs are also flavored with Folk, Country, R&B and Jazz.

His world-worn observations provide insightful, and often personal, glimpses into life's struggles as well as its celebrations.  He distills the lessons learned from life's trials and tribulations into songs about modern-day relationships, love lost and life's wonder as well as stories of hard luck, questionable choices and human frailties.

Les' vocal style ranges from breathy to hard-edged and beyond, while his instrumental prowess is evident in his flights of fancy on both guitar and piano.  His transition from one instrument to another is as natural as it is entertaining.

In live shows, Les often takes liberties with his recorded material. At times, he'll even include additional sections not found in the original recordings. As a veteran of thousands of shows, he is at his best when mixing things up and engaging an audience.


Les Lucky' debut CD is titled Frets & Hammers as a reference to his two main instruments: guitar and piano.  The CD features a mix of songs that showcase the breath and depth of his artistry. It's lyrics and vocals are at turns tongue-in-cheek, sly, revelatory, accusatory, regretful, paranoid and beyond.

Musically, this debut covers a lot ground, but its underlying continuity is clear. He has taken his many influences and melded them into a style that is uniquely his own.

The arrangements on Frets & Hammers showcase two distinct approaches:
a) the sparse sound of a solo artist with light accompaniment, and
b) a band sound which features an intricate, tapestry-like interplay among its various vocal and instrumental parts.


Les Lucky was born and raised in the Midwest but has spent most of his adult life in the NYC area. Early on, he cut his teeth on the song-oriented vocal music of Rock, Folk/Rock and R&B, but as his skills on guitar and piano developed, the Blues, and later Jazz, also became influences.

Within months of moving to the NYC area, Les was producing music for TV and radio as well as doing local band gigs. Within two years, he was the featured performer on over 300 dates a year while writing and recording during the day.

Before long, Les was being asked to perform out of town. Along with stints in Las Vegas, Montreal and New England, he spent 5-8 months a year as a solo performer in Europe for several years.

With the completion of Frets & Hammers, Les Lucky has emerged with a pocketful of melodies in pursuit of a spot on your playlist.  This is American music by a man who is ready to see where this new music will take him.
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