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Les Lucky's debut CD, Frets & Hammers, was released in July, 2013.  You can find it at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and at many other music outlets.
The audio samples featured are shortened versions of the songs on Frets & Hammers

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Facebook:  facebook.com/leslucky
YouTube:  youtube.com/lesluckymusic
link to Les Lucky Facebook page link to Les Lucky Facebook page
link to Les Lucky YouTube page


May 17, 2015:  Private Event
May 25, 2015:  Private Event
May 30, 2015:  Private Event

Jun. 6, 2015: Private Event
Jun. 13, 2015: Private Event
Jun. 20, 2015: Private Event
Jun. 21, 2015: Private Event
Jun. 27, 2015: Private Event

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